About us

Brave hearts, Beautiful souls.

We are all crafted from the threads of our stories. When history happens, it calls forth the best in people and a nation. So it happened with Ukraine - weaving tales of endurance, fortitude, and unyielding spirit on the world’s stage. Ukraine gave us an amazing mosaic with stories of trial, faith, and unbreakable will. 

Brave and Beautiful Store by the Borderlands Foundation is all about stories. 

“Wait, what is The Borderlands Foundation?”, you may ask.

In February of 2022, right before Russia invaded Ukraine, Samuel P.N. Cook, the co-founder, and CEO of a Tech Startup from the U.S. with their main office based in Kyiv, saw the war coming. So he used his own money to start evacuating members of his team in Ukraine to protect them from the pending Russian invasion. To help cover the costs beyond what he could personally cover, he launched a GoFundMe campaign was launched. 

Based on the global outpouring of support for Ukraine, the amount they collected surpassed all expectations, with an abundance to spare. So he decided to use the proceeds to start the Borderlands Foundation which was initially a fund aimed at helping Ukrainians impacted by the war as both refugees, and those stuck inside the country in the conflict zone.

As Ukraine emerged victorious in the battle of Kyiv, Sam decided to align the foundation to the long term history of this war. His goal now is to capture the story of every single soul affected by this war is what we strive to keep and share all over the world. 

The Borderlands Foundation holds within its heart a grand vision, one of crafting a Ukrainian history center dedicated to capturing the stories of the heroes of Ukraine fighting for all of our freedom. To become a place where all current and future journalists, analysts, and historians can gather use these chronicles. The Foundation also has the goal to use this historical library to start raising funds to provide help to Ukrainian veterans whose wounds, both physical and mental, were wrought by the ravages of war. 

Brave and Beautiful is a fashion line started by the Borderlands Foundation

It proudly features the finest of Ukrainian fashion exemplified by President Zelensky and regular people all over the country. Our clothes are crafted with precision and passion to embody the essence of Ukraine its bold bravery and the indomitable beauty of its people’s spirits. 

Each exquisite item from the Brave and Beautiful Store is designed by Ukrainians. And with every purchase made, 100% of the profits from your purchase goes to building the Borderlands Foundation staff, so we can tell the stories of the heroes of Ukraine for the benefit of all of us. 

Join us in our quest to celebrate Ukraine's beauty, honor its valor, and sustain its worthy cause.